Cool Off with Rawh Cucumber Salad

My dad’s garden is overflowing with cucumbers.  The last time I went to visit I came home with a huge bag full of freshly picked cucumbers (and zucchini and basil and flowers too!).  I remember my grandmother would always make cucumber salad in the summer and now I know why!  This recipe is very simple and very good for you.  Cucumbers are a cooling food and they are a good source of vitamins, minerals and fiber and are also a great digestive aid.  The raw onion in this salad has antibacterial properties as well as a lot of flavor.  Raw onion has been credited with helping to raise good cholesterol, increase circulation and lower blood pressure.  Using raw apple cider vinegar for the dressing will add enzymes (and a whole lot more!) which help us digest.

Ok, enough talk about the ingerdients, here’s the recipe:

Peel and thinly slice as many cucumbers as you want to eat.  Remember this salad gets better with time so make enough to have for lunch tomorrow!  Put the slices in a large bowl.

Thinly slice enough white onion so that you have about 3 times as many cucumber slices as you do onion.  I know I justed use a ratio, don’t worry.  This is not an exact science, it’s a salad.

Mix the onion in with the cucumber and add salt.  How much salt? Well,  how much salt do you like?  The salt is to bring out the flavor and open up the pores of the veggies so they will absorb the vinegar and start to soften. Taste, add more salt, taste again.  This will prevent you from dying of hunger before the salad is ready to serve. Look at you, multitasking!

Add a splash of olive oil, the good kind, extra virgin, organic, none of that swaggy processed with chemicals stuff.  You don’t really need the oil but it does add a little flavor and it’s good for you so splash away!

Liberally add some vinegar, I recommend red wine vinegar for best taste but raw apple cider vinegar for best nutrition/health benefits.  You could get crazy and use a little of both!

Now top with as much cracked black pepper as you like, it really adds a lot of flavor to this simple salad, the more the better!

Ok, toss everything together and get the cucumbers good and coated with the vinegar.  You can eat it now or let it marinate (it will taste even better in an hour) while you make up something that actually has calories in it. This may be delicious and nutritious but it won’t fill you up.


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