So Much TV, So Little Reward

Last night, after a very hot and humid day, my husband and I went on a long leisurly bike ride through the neighborhoods around our small city.  The streets were quite as was to be expected.  But so were the sidewalks, the lovely gardens with their gazebos and hammocks, the front porches, the back porches, the screened in decks, all of them empty.  Where was everyone?  They were all inside, living room windows lit up by, you guessed it, the magial glow of their flat screen boob tubes. Complacinet, stationary, and slowly whiling the beautiful summer night away, there they were, all those average Americans we read about in the Nielsen ratings.  I’m not trying to say that all TV is bad.  It can certainly be educational and a nice way to relax.  Family Guy helped me through some stressful times and where would I get my news if it weren’t for John Stewart?  But seriously, enough is enough.  Here is a scary statistic: Americans watch on average “153 hours a month. That’s more than six complete days in front of the TV each month.”  What’s even scarier is that this statistic is the lowest one I found.

Hmmm, 38 hours a week, that’s almost a full time job or a hobby or a hobby that you could turn into a full time job.  Now I know most of you are not average and you don’t spend that much time glued to the tube (you’re too busy on the computer, aren’t you?) So my question is, can you imagine how much we could all accomplish if we weren’t spending so much time sitting on our ever expanding butts in front of the television? What would you accomplish with less TV in your life?  What do you really want to be spending your precious time doing?

Want to give your TV a break?  Try unplugging it for a day, an evening, heck, I bet you could go a whole week!  And we’d all love to hear about it!

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  1. Gracie May
    Nov 12, 2010 @ 20:19:45

    Great post. Yes, I’m one of those spending time on the computer… but I’m getting better at reading/doing something productive with the computer rather than just entertaining myself.

    PS- I overcame an overgrowth of candida and am glad to say that I’m better, thanks to a strict carb-less diet. While I’ve read that some people must stay on the diet for years, I managed it to get better within 4 months (perhaps this is because I never cheated and stayed on the diet without compromise). It was hard, BUT I DID IT, and now eat a balanced diet (carbs included!). I wish more people could realize how important their eating habits are, and that it is absolutely possible to control yourself. There’s nothing more freeing than self-control and living healthy.


    • Amy Huebner Health Coach
      Nov 13, 2010 @ 19:17:46

      Thanks for your comment! You are right, everyone reacts differently to Candida overgrowth and people’s recovery time varies widely. In my experience it seems to have more to do with how severe the infection/imbalance is, how long the imbalance has been building up, how strong an immune system the individual has to begin with, along with many other factors. I have worked with people to overcome Candida imbalances for several years and some of them recover quickly, within months and others, who adhere to a strict diet and supplement routine, take years to recover. Eating habits are so important, what you eat is who you are, literally and eating healthy is the best way to be healthy!


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