Even Our Trucks Have Diabesity

Good grief, it’s contagious, even our trucks have diabesity!  Look at this thing, the tail gate is as tall as I am!  What is the point of all these trucks, why do we need them? Are we making bigger, fatter cars and trucks to cart around bigger fatter people or are we just adapting to our environment and growing to fit our surroundings?  We’ve got huge McMansions, bloated pick up trucks that guzzle bloody foreign oil like a diabetic kindergartener goes through a super sized kids meal and it’s got to make you stop and think: How are the objects in my life a reflection of me, my culture and my values?

These ridiculous trucks remind me that everything is connected.  It’s not just the cars we drive, it’s everything; bigger portions, bigger plates, bigger houses, cars, clothes and faster, fatter food products.   Size matters and if everything around us is super sized, well, that may be why so many of us are as well.

Here’s my advice: park it, get on your bike and see how far you can ride.  Put on your walking shoes and go somewhere. Going places under your own power, for free, is the kind of change that’s good for everyone, including mother earth.

Check this guy out, riding to work in a suit!  It can be done, and fashionably too!

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