A Great Detox Plan From An Excellent Doctor

My brother stopped by my house yesterday to pick up some supplements I had for him and he asked me about detoxing.  Did I know of a good way to do it and how should he start?  I remembered that Dr. Vincent Pedre, my primary care doctor in Manhattan, had recently written an excellent detox plan that I wanted to try.  What I like about Dr. Pedre’s plan it is that it focuses on simple foods, mostly vegetables, rather than having you fast or take supplements.  The whole point is to give your body the rest it needs and to strip out all of the major illness causing foods/liquids from your diet.  This cleanse is like hitting the reset button but gently and in a way that will allow you, in fact Dr. Pedre encourages you, to continue to exercise and go about your daily routine.  This is something you can start at anytime with minimal disruption.  No excuses!

My suggestion for those of you with Candida imbalances is to skip the fruit and grains for breakfast and instead have a coconut milk and hemp powder shake.  Use organic coconut milk, it has anti-Candida properties and will give you lasting fullness and energy similar to grains. I like Nutiva Hemp Powder, the high fiber will help you eliminate toxins and the high protein content will give you energy.


Vegetables for Detoxing!


Another thing you may want to try when you detox is to keep a journal.  Write down what you eat, when, how much and how you feel.  A food journal can be a great tool for discovering which foods make you feel great and which ones you should cut out.  It can also help you stick with the program and get some perspective on your relationship with food.  You will notice patterns that will help you figure out how you can use your diet to create the kind of health you so richly deserve!

I’m going to do the detox with my brother and I will keep a food journal too.  I’ll post an update soon after we start!

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