Start A Cooking Club!


Here I am with the food Liz and I cooked together last Sunday!

Here I am with the food Liz and I cooked together last Sunday!


Are you short on time to cook during the week? Do you want to learn how to cook or hone your skills? Do you love leftovers?  Is a homemade casserole straight from the freezer your idea of fast food? Oh my bacon, a cooking club is just what you need!  I have decided to start a cooking club, right here in my kitchen (sometimes it’s hard to get me out of the house).  I love to cook but not every meal, everyday, so on Sundays I set aside an hour to make a few big, healthy dishes that I will eat over the following week.  The only problem is that by the third day I’m usually pretty tired of eating the same things.  What to do?

Find a friend, relative, neighbor or two that wants to get together, cook, eat and share the yummy leftovers! Working together you can make twice as much, split all the food you make between the two of you and, voilà, healthy variety!

I’m sure we all know someone who wants to eat healthfully but doesn’t have time to cook every night. Someone who enjoys heating up a skillet full of delicious leftovers that will now only take a mere five minutes to go from fridge to mouth (it’s like farm to table but a bit more direct.) And that’s where a cooking club comes in.  Next Sunday I’m inviting a couple of friends over, we will all cook, making sure there is enough for dinner and then some.  We will try out some new recipes and ideas.  After we eat, everyone gets to take a few servings from each of the dishes that we made.  At the end of the evening we will all be well fed and well stocked with a variety of delicious heat and eat left overs for the work week!

I encourage you to get together with friends, cook good for each other and help each other eat healthfully all week. Long Live leftovers!!

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