What to do with all those leeks….

Make leek soup of course!

When my husband, brother and I were making cider on one of the last above freezing days of the season my Dad made us this soup to help keep us going.  We drank it straight out of big mugs outside.  It certainly warmed me up, my frozen fingers included!  I asked him what else he put in the ‘butter soup’, it really did taste much too rich to be made out of leeks and carrots as the smell suggested.  Turns out this super flavorful and rich recipe is really very easy and only requires a few ingredients. Here’s my Dad’s Leek and Carrot Soup Recipe, with a few variations!


5 -7 cups of Leeks, tops trimmed down to pale green, roots removed, sliced into thin half moons

1-6 Carrots, peeled if necessary, and chopped

Fat, about ¼ cup of your choice, I love coconut oil but extra virgin olive oil and of course butter, are also delicious.

2-4 cups of Broth, I use mushroom but you can use chicken (bonus points for making your own, it’s super healthy) or veggie stock.  If you cook your leeks with coconut oil you could use coconut milk and water in place of the broth.

Salt, pepper, a little nutmeg and cinnamon if you are so inclined.

This soup has great color that will vary depending on how many carrots you use!

The Procedure:

Since there are so few ingredients it’s easy to use ratio rather than cups and tablespoons to make as much or as little soup as you want.  The first time I made this soup I sliced enough leeks to cover the bottom of the pan with about 2 inches of leeks and went from there.

First, sweat the leeks.   Using a ¼ cup of fat, a generous sprinkling of salt and a heavy bottomed sauce pan cook your sliced leeks over medium-low heat until they are soft, wilted and starting to brown a bit.

Add the broth, start with 2 cups, if it looks too thick, add more!  Then the chopped carrots, you can use a handful or you can use an equal amount of carrots to leeks (this is why the amount of broth varies so much).  You’ve just got to ask yourself, how much do I like carrots?  How sweet do I want my soup to be?  Carrots are a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth!

Cook the soup until the carrots are soft.  Remove from heat and blend with an immersion blender.  Or in a regular blender, just be careful to vent the top of your blender!

Taste, adjust for salt, pepper and any other seasonings you may have added, then serve and eat!

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