Self Medicating: We All Do It, Shouldn’t We Do It Well?

Dana and I at our Shire City Herbals booth this past weekend.

Dana and I had an amazing weekend at the Alchemy Imitative Handmade Holiday Festival.  It was so great to meet and talk with so many Berkshire County residents and we really had a blast handing out samples of our Fire Cider!  Huge thanks and apprecation to all who helped put on the festival and to all our brave and adventurous taste testers.  We actually sold all of the Fire Cider we made and are now putting together a new batch, ready in 6 weeks.  We will be using the commercial/certified  kitchen at The Unitarian Church, just a block away from where we live on Wendell Ave, truely a community project.

One thing in particular really got me thinking this weekend about what ‘medicine’ is and how we use it.  A woman and her son came to our booth at the fair, daring each other to try the Fire Cider.  They did and really liked it. Mom made an offhand refrence to her son being good at ‘self medicating’  but then thought better of her comment as it was a reference to an adult behavior associated with abusing drugs, alcohol, even food.  But I thought, don’t we all self medicate, all the time?  Shouldn’t we teach our children to become increasingly aware of their needs and how to meet them healthfully?

What do I mean by ‘self-medicating’?  When you get up in the morning and you choose to wake up with a coffee and a doughnut you are self medicating.  When you choose to eat greens with homemade dressing for lunch, you are self medicating.  When you take Fire Cider at the first sign of a cold instead of cold medicine, you are self medicating.  When you take a nap to recharge mid afternoon, when you go to the gym or get a massage, all these things are forms of self medication.  We are all constantly making choices that alter our physical, mental and emotional state. And when we do it well, we feel well.

What if we taught kids to self medicate, the healthy way, so that when they become adults they can use those ‘recreational substances’ for recreation and know that to feel good and be healthy they have to listen to what their body is asking for.  It takes introspection, awareness and a genuine passion for health, longevity and life to self medicate well.  We are all constantly choosing our lives moment to moment, meal to meal, activity to activity.   You can start self medicating healthfully by choosing to construct your reality out of the best foods, supportive relationships, optimal physical movement and environment, work that feels satisfying and challenging….if you need help with this, give me a call!

And remember, you are a unique and vibrantly amazing human bean and you deserve the best!  So give yourself the best you can everyday, one day, one meal, one hug at a time.

Another soon to be classic by Brian Huebner of 'A Fine'

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