Making Things Happen with Fire Cider, Baby!

For those of you already in love with Fire Cider, thanks for hanging in there while our latest batch has transformed from mere ingredients to a health building tonic with super powers!*  (*This statement and all other health claims have not been approved by the FDA.  Frankly, the FDA can suck it seeing as how they approve all kinds of pills for all the wrong reasons, all the time.  The previous statement and all following statements about Fire Cider and it’s health benefits have been approved by myself, Dana and our loyal Fire Cider consumers who know good stuff when they taste it!)

Fire Cider before we strain it and add the honey. The cayenne added even more beautiful color!

This 5 gallon batch, started just after the Handmade Holiday Festival in early December is ready to go!  Please note this batch was made at home in our kitchen, we are still in the process of hoop jumping, certificate getting, insurance quoting so that we may legally sell our Fire Cider in stores around Berkshire County.  We are officially incorporated and I am now the proud holder of a Serve Safe Food Managers Licence.  Which is great because now I know what to do with raw chicken and how long to hot hold food before bringing it back to the kitchen to reheat.  Seriously, I am so overqualified to make Fire Cider it would be funny except that certificate was expensive!

Also, we were unable to locate organic habanero peppers and so had to substitute just this once with organic cayenne.  The taste is a little different, but not to worry, we have plans to grow plenty of our own habaneros this summer and we have sourced organic dried habaneros so we’ll never be without our favorite hot pepper again!

We hope to be announcing our in store debut in about 2 months, super exciting!  Also, we’ve got a genuine artist designing our labels and we’ve lined up the finest of fine spokesperson to be the face of Fire Cider.  If you have not met the free pirate John Stiles, now’s the time!

If you are interested in a refill, a bulk purchase or a new bottle of Fire Cider please email me at  You can come by for a refill or we can ship to where ever you are….limited supply while we continue to get ready for our next move, we’ll be making twelve 5 gallon batches as soon as our liability insurance kicks in, oh yeah!  As we grow we will continue to make small 5 gallon batches, use only organic ingredients and local whenever possible.  Dana has found a place in north county that makes their own raw apple cider vinegar and honey, how cool is that?  We will be growing our own garlic, onion and habaneros this coming season.  You may notice slight differences from batch to batch, your assurance that what you are taking was made with care by us, each batch is unique, potent and deliciously good for you!  Thanks so much to all of you who continue to support us, you rock!


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