Toasted and Popped Pepitas

Need to improve your skin, thyroid function, sexual health or just find a healthy new snack? Pepitas, pumpkin seeds, are loaded with zinc, protein, healthy fats, fiber and crunchy deliciousness!  I like mine toasted with a bit of tamari and a dusting of chipotle, yum.

Here’s what you do: cover the bottom of a heavy skillet, cast iron would be best, with a layer of raw pepitas.

Raw pepitas, ready for toasting!

Turn the heat to medium and when you hear the pepitas starting to pop, start shaking the skillet so the pepitas toast evenly without burning.  Keep them moving, shaken or stirred, it’s up to you, until the pepitas are nice and toasty brown and puffy!

Toasted pepitas look like raw pepitas but with a tan.

They are ready to eat as is but I like to toss them in a bowl while they are still hot with a teaspoon of tamari and a sprinkle of pepper like cayenne or, my favorite smoky hot pepper, chipotle.

Toasted pepitas tossed with tamari and chipotle

The last step is to throw them back into the still warm skillet (the heat should be off) and toss them around a bit to dry them out so they stay crispy crunchy.  Toasted pepitas make a great topping to many cooked leafy green dishes, salads, or a soft fish dish that could use a little crunchy kick.  Coming soon: a recipe for Gringa’s Mole Verde that just so happens to be topped with toasted pepitas!

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