Spring Fever (not the good kind)

Hot lemon and ginger tea, our own Echinacea with Osha and a shot of Fire Cider

I managed to stay healthy all winter long, I even survived Dana’s death flu.  Then, Thursday night I started to feel a bit icky and spent Friday sick and whiny.  I annoyed myself!  Usually other people get sick and I start taking preventative herbal medicine to bolster my immune system and avoid whatever’s going around.  This time I must have been preoccupied because it totally snuck up on me, damn you spring fever!

So, on Friday, in between the naps and the bit of work that I got done I was taking shots (literally, I used a shot glass!) of our homemade Echinacea with Osha and shots of Fire Cider along with some throat soothing Lemon and Ginger tea and after 24 hours I’m feeling better without ever having felt really awful.  Ah, the power of not-so-modern medicine.

Whoop that cold with a belt....of Fire Cider!

I took about 5 shots each of Fire Cider and Echinacea with Osha.  Not in the same glass tho, that’s a little much, even for me!

Our personal use Echinacea, thanks for the beer BBC and for the awesome brown glass growler!

The ‘tea’ is really easy:  finely grate some fresh peeled ginger, about a 1/2 inch cube, juice half a lemon, sweeten with honey if you can or stevia if you’re like me and fill your mug to the top with just boiling water.  It looks like theraflu but it tastes good and is going to help your body heal because of the vitamin c in the lemon and the  anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties in the ginger!  This makes a refreshing cold beverage too, use fizzy water instead of hot.

Grated ginger, juice from half a lemon, stevia and hot water in my favorite mug!

A hot ginger bath, use powdered ginger or grate some fresh, about 1/4 cup, can be very helpful as well.

Herbal and plant-based remedies, unlike symptom masking OTC meds, work with your body to help you get rid of whatever cold or flu bug you’ve got.  Oh, and they are way cheaper!  Especially since you’ll only need them for a few days instead of dragging around for a week or more.  Just sayin’ plant food makes the best medicine and if you eat good foods most of the time, you won’t need much else!


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