Sprouts and Sandwiches

Flax bread with avocado, home-grown sprouts and hot sauce, of course.

This post is a serving suggestion for my flax bread recipe.  We just made our fist batch of sprouts and I was super excited to try them on a sandwich, which is something I have not eaten in years!

Two pieces of flax bread + slices of ripe avocado + lots of sprouts + mayo + hot sauce = one awesome sandwich!

Another sandwich idea?  Ok!  How about…

Grated carrot + soft goat cheese + sprouts + thin sliced onion?  Yup, that is also delicious.

Carrots add a little sweetness and crunch to balance out the tangy goat cheese.

You can take your favorite salad combination and pile it up on flax bread and, hey, look at you, eating a sandwich like regular folks.  Also, sprouts are super easy to make at home and they are packed with vital nutrients, here’s a great how to for growing your own!

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