Cooking With My Health Coaching Clients!

I spent all day Tuesday walking around New York City seeing some of my health coaching clients in person.  Working on the phone is very convenient but I always take the opportunity to see my clients in person when I can.  Plus, it was so nice to be in the city, one of my favorite places, doing the work that I love.  My first stop was a meeting with my youngest client, he’s 14 and really into cooking.  He asked me to teach him how to make a frittata, which was a lot of fun!

You are never too young to start making healthy, tasty food!

Jonathan had never cooked with collards before so I showed him how to cut out the stems and slice up the leaves.  We didn’t have a cast iron pan that was the right size so we improvised with oven safe bake-ware.  Since a frittata is a pretty flexible dish we went with sautéed collards with garlic, hot pepper flakes, onion salt and smokey paprika.  Then we added eggs whipped with a little water and grated Romano cheese.  The best part was getting to eat together on the roof deck while we talked about things that Jonathan is working on in addition to sharpening his culinary skills!

I also met with a young client who is currently attending NYU.  She finally has a real kitchen, no more cramped dorm room, and is interested in learning more about cooking, especially things she can make ahead and take with her to school and work.  We made two dishes from a short list of ingredients that she will be able to eat for the next three days, not bad for a social hour in the kitchen!

Kale Salad is an excellent choice for a packed lunch.

We made the crunchy kale salad first, so the kale would have time to soften in the dressing.  Then we started on a frittata (guess it was that kind of day!). This time we sautéed kale with fresh rosemary, mushrooms, garlic and salt.  We whipped the eggs up with fresh goat cheese and when the kale was cooked we poured the egg mixture on top, let it set and then finished it off under the broiler, perfect!

Looks like a balanced meal to me and it will go well with the crunchy kale salad.

During the day I also met with a friend of mine who is an accomplished medical doctor and business man and a former health coaching client.  I always say that my clients teach me as much as I teach them.  By working with my health coaching clients I am able to stay on my own path to better health and personal growth.  This meeting really reinforced that sentiment.  We took turns talking about what was going on in our lives and he gave me some amazingly helpful advice on how to deal with stress.  I’ll be writing a post about this awesome new stress management technique, so look out, it’s only been two days but has already helped me tremendously!

I want to say thank you to my rock star clients, I had a great day that was not like work at all.  I can’t wait til next month when I’ll be meeting with them again for more fun cooking with greens and maybe a lavender chocolate tart!


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