So, What Can You Eat?!

I have heard this so many times and gotten some very interesting reactions when I give people the short version of the answer to ‘what can you eat?’  Some people want to know more so they can eat like me, some of them give me an annoyed look accompanied by a ‘so that’s why you’re skinny’ as if my diet and health are a personal affront to them.  To many, my diet sounds so limited, how can it be healthy they want to know.  Don’t you feel deprived? Yes and no.  I eat a lot of vegetables, nuts, seeds and healthy oils from plants.  I don’t miss cake or sweets, I know it’s hard to believe but I really don’t.  I used to get the worst sugar cravings, caused by eating way too much sugar and not enough protein. I was definitely a sugar addict and there’s no way I’m going back!

One of my clients recently told me that sugar and white flour act like rust in your body.  Her arthritis and constant headaches have disappeared along with the refined whites in her diet.   Aside from getting the rust out of my body, I love how much more I can taste now, especially the natural sweetness in things like carrots and coconut. One thing’s for sure, eating a different diet than what most people eat has been challenging socially and personally but when it comes to my health, I’ve never felt better. To answer the question of what I eat a little more thoroughly, here’s a look at my food journal from last Friday.

I pretty much always have a breakfast shake when I get up in the morning along with a big cup of mate tea.  I use stevia for sweetness and almond milk in both.  When I take my supplements and tinctures in the morning I have a handful of almonds and a shot of Fire Cider, without honey.

Picking lettuce from our garden to make lunch!

For lunch, Dana and I picked lettuce from our garden: red sails, romaine, arugula, amaranth and black seeded simpson.  I mixed up a mustard vinegrette, added goat cheese and tossed it all togther.  An awesome first meal from our garden!

First garden salad: amaranth, arugula, black seeded simpson and red sails in balsamic mustard vinaigrette with fresh goat cheese.

For dinner I made a small pork chop which I bought from a local farm.  I cooked the chard that our friends brought us from their garden with onion, oil, a few seasonings and topped it with tosted pepitas.  I had fizzy water with aloe vera juice, lime, ginger and stevia to drink.

Mostly veggies with a small pork chop au poivre and spicy mustard.

I always snack on nuts during the day and may have had a carrot with peanut butter and a few squares of dark chocolate too.   I’ll have water and iced tea during the day and that’s pretty much it.   I feel full after meals, I do get cravings but these days it’s usually for things my body really needs, like dandelion greens or extra protein.  It’s amazing the difference eating the right food for your body and lifestyle can make.  Changing your diet takes work and dedication but it’s really worth it!

Watering the newly planted tomato that Hari and Ingrid brought us while the horses play in the pasture.


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