Summer Drinks

In the cooler months I drink hot tea like it’s the only think keeping me warm.  Because sometimes it is.  When summer hits and the weather calls for icy cold beverages (and your distributor sends you an extra case of lemons) it’s clearly time for something more refreshing like lemonade or a ginger lime fizz.  Here are my favorite ways to stay hydrated and cool….

Lemonade on the porch.

Lemonade….ok this one is really simple, squeeze 1/2 a fresh organic lemon (or more) into a pint glass, add a bit of stevia and top off with fizzy water.  Add a dash of bitters for old-fashioned tummy relief and a bitter, floral, slightly sweet flavor.  A trip to Old Town Bar years ago was the first time I had bitters in soda water as a cure for my upset stomach. It’s one of the oldest bars in the city and so it seemed fitting that I would be offered a traditional digestif.  Sure enough, it made me feel well enough to order a drink! My friend Mark is behind Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters if you are looking to break out of your Angostura habit and try something new.

You’ll notice all of the drinks in this post have something in common: bubbles.   I LOVE water with bubbles.  I also love champagne but that’s a whole other bubble story.  My husband Dana made us a carbonator because it was getting silly expensive paying for water with fizz and then the guilt of all those plastic bottles, just too much.

Dana made this for about 40 bucks, we have it mounted to the wall in our kitchen.

Ginger Lime Fizz

I drink this all the time; it settles my stomach, combats Candida and combines two of my favorite flavors, ginger and lime.

Squeeze 1/2 a lime into a pint glass, add 1 Tablespoon or so fresh juiced ginger (or finely grated fresh ginger), 2-4 ounces of aloe vera juice, stevia to taste and top with fizzy water.

You can make this with lemon or with just ginger, play around with the flavors and see what you like best!

A note on ‘Stevia, to taste’:  Recently a friend of my mom’s tried my nuts and seeds cookie recipe  and they came out mostly unsweetened because she didn’t know how much stevia to add.  Stevia comes in many forms; granulated, green unrefined powder, refined white powder, liquid drops, flavored liquid drops, ect.  Each form has a different amount of sweetness from very sweet to intensely sweet.  What I do is add a little at a time until it tastes right to me.  When I’m baking I add it to the wet ingredients, making it a little sweeter than I want to compensate for the dry ingredients, then I taste it again when it’s mixed to make sure.  It can take some adjustments and getting used to when using stevia as a sweetener, you’ve gotta taste and adjust and taste again!

Tastes like a root beer float and looks like one too!

Pero Float

Pero is a malted grain beverage that’s made from chicory and barley.  It has a rich, earthy coffee like flavor and has been used in times of no coffee as a replacement.   Really, there is no substitute for coffee and Pero is its own thing, with it’s own flavor.  It contains no caffeine and offers your liver some support filtering out toxins.  You can easily make a hot or cold Pero drink by mixing a couple of teaspoons in hot or cold water.  Add a bit of stevia and almond milk if you like.

Or…you can mix 3 teaspoons of Pero, a bit of stevia and a splash of almond milk in a large glass.  Make sure the powder is dissolved before filling your glass up with, yup, fizzy water.  This makes a frothy dark drink reminiscent of a root beer float.  Looks pretty and tastes pretty awesome.

Summer Cocktail

ALL of my Candida clients ask me, can I drink alcohol and what can I have?  Most of them just want something so that they can socialize like everyone else.  It was kind of shocking to me, when I first started eating to get the Candida back into balance, how much socializing takes place around alcohol and food, most of which was not healing or healthy.  This recipes is for my favorite adult beverage and it makes a deceptively drinkable party punch.  Hey, if you are going to host a party, you should at least be able to enjoy the punch!  If you are sick, don’t drink, but if you feel all right and want to enjoy a cocktail, this is what I recommend.  All ingredients (except the booze) are soothing and healing for your whole digestive system, including your taste-buds.

1 oz top shelf blanco tequila ( you can use vodka but why would you do that?)

juice from 1/2 a lime

1 Tablespoon ginger juice (or freshly grated ginger)

2-3 oz aloe vera juice (goes really well with tequila, the agave and aloe plants are in the same family)

stevia to taste

Mix or shake well, pour over ice in a pint glass and top with soda water.

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