Green Bean Romano: Good Fast Food

Cheese makes everything better!

It’s dinner time.  I’m hungry but I don’t feel like spending even 15  minutes in the kitchen.  I need something healthy, fast! Lucky me,  my dad gave me a bag full of green beans from his garden last night.  This big bowl full of crunchy, green garden food took me less than 7 minutes from start to plate and you probably already have everything you need to make it:

Olive oil

A mashed garlic clove

Salt n pepper

Romano, Parmigiana or similar hard cheese, grated.

And of course a bag full of freshly picked green beans.

First, set up a steam basket in a pot of water on the stove and let the water come to a boil while you pick the stems off and rinse the green beans.

Throw all the green beans into the steamer for a few minutes while you grate as much cheese as you need to dress your beans.

Then, in a big serving bowl combine salt, pepper, enough olive oil to coat the veggies and a mashed clove of garlic, if you like.  Mix well, add the tender, barely steamed green beans and toss to coat.

Add half the cheese, mix, top with the remaining cheese and more cracked black pepper.  Done!  Quick, healthy and it has lots of finger food potential so your kids just might eat it.


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