Let The Gardening Begin!

We pulled up all the stalks from last year and added them to the new compost pile.

Remember back in…April, or was it March?  When spring seemed to have arrived, at least for a week?  We excitedly got to work in the garden, clearing out the old and making a new plan for this season.

Scallion survivors, they’ll be blooming any day now!

A new layout this year to avoid washouts during rain storms. This first section is our lettuce and herb bed.

Then it got cold again, of course.  And we got busy, really really busy with Fire Cider and the New Amsterdam Market. We went on vacation for a week, and to Springfield and NYC and came back to this….

Um, I think we have a weed problem. At least the lettuce survived!

Dana and the weed whacker vs over a month of unattended garden growth, guess we know the soil is healthy!

Dana’s starts survived our vacation and are going into the ground today, if we can carve a new bed out of all that weedy growth!

Watering our little starts and seeds in the new bed: red sail lettuce, chamomile, paprika peppers, Habanero, nasturtiums, holy basil, tomatoes and more basil.

Our reward was a box full of lettuce and some volunteer dandelion greens. Hooray for the first salad of the season!

Simple Garden Salad

In your salad bowl mix the juice from half a lemon with olive oil and salt.

Toss the rinsed (yeah, maybe I should have picked it before weed whacking?) lettuce in the dressing and top with

Toasted pepitas

This Sunday at 10 am I am giving a talk, ‘How to Make the Healthiest Use of Your Food Dollar‘ at the Unitarian Church, 175 Wendell Ave. Pittsfield.  I will be publishing the talk in Berkshire’s Best June 1st and here on my blog in case you miss it!


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  1. Karri Danneman
    Jun 25, 2012 @ 14:22:46

    Gardening is actually my own hobby since it seriously facilitates myself to enjoy and relax. I love to grow plants both indoors and also outside the house. My own preferred plants are usually tropical decorative plants as well as fruit bearing plants.


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