Candida Support Network: You’re Invited!

During a call with one of my long time clients last week the topic turned to how to create a supportive community for folks like us on the Candida diet.  We came up with two things we could do right away to help each other feel supported and connected:
First, I have been using my facebook page as a way to share my Candida diet friendly recipes and would love to expand that to include tips and suggestions from our larger Candida community!  Please feel free to use my page as a place to share your challenges, success stories, favorite recipes, find each other and get connected.
Second, I would like to facilitate those interested in connecting for the purpose of supporting each other.  So,  If  you want to be in touch via email/phone/skype/chat with someone who is going through similar health challenges, please let me know.  I joked with my friend that the idea sounds similar to a dating service, but for Candida health.  And I think it could be a really fun and inspirational way to support one another.
If you are interested in getting connected, giving and receiving positive support, then please reply via my email: by answering the little questionnaire that follows. I will send a follow up email with the information you each provide so that you can match yourselves up.  If you are unclear about anything or have any suggestions please let me know!
Candida Matcher Questionnaire
Current Health Status:
Current location:
Preferred method of communication:
Type of support I am looking for:
Type of support I can give:
Biggest lesson I’ve learned on my Candida journey:
Anything else you want to share?
Contact me:  if you don’t want to provide contact info initially, you can say, ‘contact me through Amy’ and I’ll put you in touch : – )

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