Just Do One Thing

The end of 2012 was very busy for me, with several Fire Cider events each weekend in December all over New England.  Actually, starting in September with the Big E, my life has been nonstop.  So I kind of crash landed into the end of the year, with plenty of thoughts on how to improve my life in 2013.

As we start the New Year everyone seems to be talking about resolutions.  I have about twelve I’d like to accomplish in the next twelve months but to start, I’m just picking one to focus on.  Why?  Because the odds of success are in your favor if you can pick one goal and focus all of your energy on it.  When we write down a whole bunch of resolutions it can be overwhelming to know where to start.   It’s also pretty much impossible to start doing a bunch of new things all at once and maintain those changes.

So just pick one thing.  I am re-dedicating myself to my yoga practice which I started last April.  Up until this past December I was getting in about 3-5 hours of practice a week.  I benefited greatly, in ways I hadn’t even thought of, from practicing yoga regularly.  And my health suffered in December from too much travel, too little sleep and not much time for yoga or my other self-care practices.  So, my one goal: an hour of yoga everyday for the month of January, 31 hours in 31 days.  I’m on day five today! Sure, there are a bunch of other goals I have come up but I know I will accomplish more this year if I take them one at a time.  No need to rush or multitask, just take on one goal and do it well.  Then move on to the next.

Also, tackling your goals one at a time allows you to really see all the benefits associated with achieving that one thing.  Think about it this way, if you want to change your diet and you start eating 10 new foods all at once how will you know which ones are supporting you and which one is causing you digestive upset?  It’s impossible to tell!  Introducing new foods one at a time allows you to get to know that food and how your body responds to it.  Slow and steady will get you much farther, with better feedback, than trying to do it all at once.  I know that there will be a multitude of benefits, from sleeping better to feeling better about myself and my overall health, from a month of daily yoga.  At the end of the month I will be in a different place than I am right now and I’ll be able to set a new goal based on what I have achieved.

How you set your first goal, and the rest that follow, is important.  Here are the key steps to setting S.M.A.R.T.  Goals according to the Quantum Coaching Method:

Be Specific: Saying something like ‘I want to eat better’ is not specific!  Try something more like, “I will add in one healthy food every two weeks.” or, “I will eat a 1 cup serving of green vegetables every day this month.”  The clearer your goal is, the easier it will be for you to follow through.

Measurable:  With a number of some kind attached to your goal it will be very clear when you have achieved said goal.  So my goal is 31 hours of yoga in 31 days, one hour per day.  If you want to lose weight, set a reasonable goal: 1-2 pounds per week is a healthy place to start.

Attainable: Pick something that will challenge you but that is within your limits.  Setting a smaller goal and then reaching it so that you can set your next goal will feel awesome!  Setting a goal that is a really big stretch can be a recipe for failure.  You can also break your big goals down into smaller, more manageable ones.

Relevant: A relevant goal is one that means something to you.  Goals that are ‘should’ oriented will most often lead to dissatisfaction or worse yet, self-sabotage.  Pick a goal that inspires you!

Time Based:  set a deadline for your goal – Setting a date and creating a plan or path for the goal will notify your mind you mean business.

Pick just one thing that is meaningful to you and go after it like you really mean it!  Dedicate yourself to this one goal. Show up for yourself because if you won’t, who will?  You can share your goals on my blog by commenting on this post or on my Facebook page: Amy L Huebner Holistic Health Counselor.  Telling people about your goal can help you to follow through with it.  And also provide you with a support system, which we all need sometimes.  I will post a follow-up at the end of the month to let you know how I did and what I’m striving for next.  Happy, healthy New Year you all!


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