The NO SUGAR Experiment

Want to try an experiment? Sure you do!

Try eliminating sugar from your diet for a day or two. Carbohydrates break down into simple sugars during digestion so white sugar, bread, potatoes, even fruit are all forms of sugar. See if you notice a difference in the way you feel after 24 – 48 hours without sugar.

Ok, that sounds nice, but what the heck am I supposed to eat?!

Think green veggie omelet for breakfast, a big green salad with fish, beans or tofu for lunch (watch out for low fat dressings, stick with oil and vinegar) and green veggies with your favorite form of protein, like broccoli with chicken (organic, local, of course) and unsweetened peanut sauce.  Have nuts or unsweetened yogurt as a snack between meals.

You’ll notice how difficult it is to avoid sugar, it’s in almost every food product out there!  You’ll have to read labels, be aware of what you are eating and skip the packaged stuff. Try it for a day or two and post your observations!!