This Post Has An Attitude!

This winter is my second back in the Berkshires and this time I’m continuing my daily run through the season, in spite of the weather.  I have more appropriate gear; my carbide studded Icebug running shoes, for example.  But what’s more important than my fancy shoes and wool layers?  My attitude.  It’s really the one thing that has changed the most and it’s made a huge difference.  I realized that my negative attitude about running in the cold winter months was the only thing holding me back from enjoying something I love.  So, here are my tips on how we let negative thoughts hold us back and what to do to break the cycle and start making things happen!

Run club on Thanksgiving, showing off our silly running layers!

First, examine your thought patterns.  Do you typically shoot yourself down when it comes to new ideas and challenges?  When we were getting snow storm after snow storm in January I had to fight myself to get out the door for a run.  I was telling myself, you can’t run today, look at all that snow! What I found, when I slowed down enough to think about what I was telling myself was that the only thing holding me back from getting out there and doing something I love, was me.

Next, ask yourself this: Is it true?  Is it true that you can’t start your own small business?  Is it true you can’t lose weight, write that novel or run in the snow?  Many times the answers is no and realizing this can open up doors that were previously closed due to negative thinking.  What force is not allowing me to pull on my running tights and lace up my shoes?  A thought in my head; it’s too much of a challenge so I shouldn’t bother to try.  Our minds are powerful agents in constructing the reality we inhabit.  Start thinking in the positive and you’ll start living in a more positive reality.  I stopped accepting what I was telling myself and instead started accepting the challenge.  It is really snowy outside and it will be more difficult to get through my run.  I know I will feel so much better about myself for meeting this challenge and overcoming it.

Write down the thoughts that hold you back.  Writing, and I’m not just saying this because I love to write, is a great way to turn your ideas into something more tangible.  Look at what you write down and ask yourself what can I do to meet this challenge?  My friend Lizzy calls these steps action items, things you can do, like purchasing the right gear or setting time aside to work on that passion project that will help you reach your goal.

Motivation is the next step and you’ll need to get your biggest supporters involved.  Maybe your brother, best friend, business partner or co-worker, whoever it is that you can share your goal with and ask them help you stay on track.  For me it’s a fellow runner who frequently runs by my house and posts on Facebook about her running experiences.  It’s such great motivation to see her out there and read about how great it was.  It’s hard to say can’t when someone I know is saying ‘CAN’ loud and clear.  Especially when that someone is me!