Squeaky Clean: Now with More Vodka!

Over the past few years I have been swapping out my less than environmentally friendly household products for safer, cheaper, just as effective, home made stuff.  My latest is an all purpose cleaner.  Or a deodorant.  Or a facial toner or even a cocktail.  Yep, that’s right, if you can eat it, it’s safe to use to disinfect your bathroom.  Can you say that about your cleaners?!

The answer is vodka, I have long suspected it's highest purpose was cleaning : - )

The answer is vodka- I have long suspected its highest purpose was disinfecting.

Bottom shelf or well vodka is something many bar tenders use to clean up at the end of the night.  It disinfects and the smell of alcohol quickly dissipates.   For cleaning, inexpensive vodka is perfect, extra bonus points for buying bottom shelf stuff that still boasts being made from USA grown grain and produced in Somerville, MA!  Perhaps spring for some organic stuff for use in deodorant or facial toner. And especially if you are going to make a cocktail!  Please, do not drink anything with essential oils in it, you can easily make an infusion for drinking using culinary lavender.  In fact, Id’ say you deserve a properly made, top shelf cocktail after all this housekeeping you’ve done!


Vodka, essential oils, water and proper containers are all you need.

The recipe is super simple, for all-purpose cleaner I re-used an empty spray bottle, above left, or use a new spray bottle.  I filled up two, one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen.  For deodorant or facial toner, use a smaller glass bottle with a spray top, like this one:



Take the container of your choice, fill it half way with vodka, add 10 drops of essential oils for every 4 oz of Vodka.  Fill the rest of the way with filtered water.

For example, my bathroom cleaner is 32 oz, so I used 16 oz of Vodka, 16 oz of water and 40-ish drops of Lavender essential oil which is known for its calming smell and it anti-fungal, antibacterial properties.  And don’t worry, the alcohol smell quickly dissipates and the lavender is all that’s left.  Use this to disinfect your counters, bathroom, doorknobs, etc.

I also refilled my spray deodorant bottle with 2 oz of organic vodka, 2 oz water and about 6 drops of lavender.  You can also use tea tree oil or any other antibacterial essential oil that you like.

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And a lavender cocktail recipe, or two, just to prove my point that you should be able to eat anything you use in your house or on your skin!