Make Your Own Seed Bombs!

Making seed bombs for my friend Jonathan's birthday!

Seed bombs are easy and fun to make as well as an excellent way to do some guerilla planting.  Basically you mix seeds, I chose a wildflower mix, with some compost or worm castings and red or brown clay and water.  Roll into balls, let them dry and then toss them where ever you’d like to see flowers growing, empty lots, forgotten medians, your own lawn….


Seeds of your choice or a mix

Dried organic compost/worm castings

Finely ground Red Clay:  you can dig up your own or order some from ebay like I did!


First, mix together 1 part seeds into 3 parts compost.

Then add 5 parts red clay powder and mix well.

Add a little water at a time and mix until you have a dough like consistency.  You don’t want it to be watery!

Roll the clay mixture into tightly packed balls about the size of marbles, as you can see mine are all different sizes and that’s ok too.  Set the clay balls aside to dry in a shady place for a few days.

To make the strongest impact distribute at a rate of about 10 per square yard.  Or just toss them where ever and when ever you like and enjoy the flowers that grow. For more info and excellent ideas check out