I battled for years to eat healthfully – with essentially no success. The discovery process that you helped guide me through allowed me, for the first time, to gain real insight and awareness of my eating patterns….Today, I feel better and am healthier than I have been for a long time.

Amy, you are an immensely talented health counselor – and it has been a pleasure to work with you.”

Dr. D.B. from Brooklyn, NY

I cannot say enough about the help I have received from Amy and what a difference her guidance has made over the past 8 months….she has provided me with a customized Anti-Candida diet plan, in-depth knowledge on my condition and extensive reading material to help me educate myself.

I cannot thank you enough Amy for your constant support and encouragement. You have truly changed my life.”

From Joanna in NYC

Your sessions were well received and reflected both professionalism and passion for nutrition. Your presence as a presenter made a lasting mark, Amy.  Because of you, women felt comfortable…to learn about their bodies, minds and choices….and were willing to consider new, healthier ways of living.  The benefits…of these things will last far longer than the weekend itself did.”

Sarah Strull, Program Director 2010 Women’s Wellness Weekend, Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA, MA

“It was invaluable to me to have Amy to turn to as I began my journey into becoming a health coach.  Amy provided positive support, ideas and counsel while allowing me to vent and ‘struggle’ as I needed to! The most significant overall change I have noticed has been a sense of calm and a positive, proactive attitude towards my health coaching and other endeavors.   I would recommend Amy to anyone interested in health coaching, anyone struggling with Candida or other chronic digestive/autoimmune issues.  I would describe Amy as compassionate, kind, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and open to discussing her own experiences as well as understanding mine.  I am glad we are close by and I hope to participate in workshops and other ventures she has!  Thanks!”

Veronica Pine, IIN Class of 2012, Albany, NY

I have spent thousands on colonoscopies,  hundreds on books, and thousands on supplements over the past six years–none of which helped me as much as the last 2 months under Amy’s care.  Amy has helped me to craft an overall approach towards fighting Candida, which for the first time in years has helped me to remember the feeling of wellness….Amy approaches health with the idea that wellness includes the whole person–not just the diet and the supplements.”

Erin, Brooklyn NY

“I would describe Amy as extremely understanding and very knowledgeable in her niche.  I would recommend her to clients with Candida issues.  Thanks for your help Amy! I look forward to meeting you some day over a glass of cider.”  Adam Moore, President and Founder of Moore Creative Living, NY, NY


My top three goals upon starting the six month program were: Clean up my diet, improve overall health/wellbeing, and reduce stressAmy Huebner was able to help me work toward these goals by attentively listening, allowing me to ‘vent’, offering suggestions and recommendations for moving forwardThe biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been changes in my dietary choices, mindfulness about how it affects my body, mind and moods.

I would describe Amy as genuine, listens from her heart, present, attentive, offered good insights/information/recommendations.  I was faced with a number of challenges during the course of our work together….I am thankful I had a place to ‘vent’ and release some of my frustration as I did not feel like I was being heard, acknowledged, or supported in the “rest of my life”….I thank Amy, and her open and attentive heart (and ear), for the space to do that.”  Adrienne Wade, IIN Class of 2012 PA, USA

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